Oct 31, 2022 • 33M


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Sam Bilton
<p>Welcome to the comfortably hungry podcast where yesterday’s dinner is tomorrow’s history. If you’re a peckish person who is curious about the history of food and drink, then you’re in the right place.&nbsp;</p><br><p>I’m Sam Bilton a food historian, writer and cook and each season I will be joined by some hungry guests to discuss a variety topics centred around a specific theme. As a former supper club host I’m always intrigued to know what people like to eat. So to whet everyone’s appetites I have invited my guests to contribute a virtual dish with them inspired by today’s topic.</p><br /><hr><p style='color:grey; font-size:0.75em;'> Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href='https://acast.com/privacy'>acast.com/privacy</a> for more information.</p>
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Welcome to the very first episode of Comfortably Hungry with food historian and author of First Catch Your Gingerbread Sam Bilton! I will be discussing this delectable treat with fellow food historian, podcaster and author of A Dark History of Sugar, Dr Neil Buttery. Joining us is Dr Alessandra Pino writer and researcher on how cultural memory, food and the Gothic intersect and co-author of A Gothic Cookbook which will be released in 2023. As it's 5th November (also known as Bonfire Night in the UK) we'll be chatting about parkin, dragons and gothic food. Keep listening to find out what spicy delights Neil and Allie are contributing to our virtual pot luck supper.

More gingerbread history and recipes are available in my book First Catch Your Gingerbread. If you are a fan of spices you may also like my book Fool's Gold: A History of British Saffron.

You can find Neil's recipe for parkin here https://britishfoodhistory.com/2011/11/04/yorkshire-parkin/ and more details on the knucker can be found here https://britishfoodhistory.com/2019/11/09/how-to-kill-a-dragon-with-pudding-or-parkin/

Neil's book A Dark History of Sugar is available from all good bookshops (physical or online) now.

Do give Neil's podcast British Food: A History a listen https://britishfoodhistory.com/support-the-blog-podcast/ particularly the episodes he recorded with myself on gingerbread and Allie on her forthcoming book.

Further details on A Gothic Cookbook are available here https://unbound.com/books/a-gothic-cookbook/

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