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This is the home of the Comfortably Hungry podcast and newsletter where yesterday’s dinner is tomorrow’s history. If you’re a peckish person who is curious about the history of food and drink, then you’re in the right place. 

I’m Sam Bilton a food historian, writer and presenter. I’ve written two food history books First Catch Your Gingerbread and Fool’s Gold: A History of British Saffron. When I’m not writing about our culinary heritage you will find me in the kitchen probably with my nose in a vintage cookbook. I also love talking about the food  from our past which is just as well as I often get asked to provide talks, cookery demonstrations and appear on television and radio. You can find more details on me and my work at sambilton.com.

Each season of the podcast I will be joined by some hungry guests to discuss a variety topics centred around a specific theme. The newsletter will include notes from the show and recipes inspired by our chat.

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Sam Bilton
Food historian, writer and presenter. New Comfortably Hungry podcast available on @acast https://t.co/kpL8Unu8xU